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Dilawar Singh Arora

Arora House, 16, Golf Link,

Union Park, Khar (West), Mumbai-400052


Dilawar S. Arora, Son of S. Daulat Singh Ji

Grand Son of Shri Guru Dishta Mal

Born at Dhul Kalan near Jalalpur Jaltan

Dist Gujrat Now in Pakistan

Date of Birth 26 December 1926

Family Background: Land Lord, Zamindar, Banker, Family is well known family.


     Pre Partition Sardar Daulat Singh open another business of banking and Zamindara in 1920. S. Daulat Singh family Shifted from Dhul Kalan to Gujranwala in 1931. S. Daulat Singh Died in 1937. Dilawar Singh Arora came into business in 1939 at the age of 12 years to help his elder brother after the death of their father. Dilawar Singh Arora used to travel between Gujranwala and Patna very often in Connection with their business. During 1939 they was dealing in Textile at Gujranwala and at Islampur Dist. Patna as Whole Saler cum Retailer. In 1952-53 Dilawar Singh Arora and family shifted to Bombay.

     During 1959 family separated. I had two brothers on Elder to me and one younger to me. Both brothers have expired. I had also two sisters both were elder to me and both have expired. I was very bond of book reading in 1935 till 1947 the major entertainment was book reading. My self traveled in 70 to 80 Countries several time around the world regularly in Connection with my various business during 1954-55. We opened office in UK to import Printed Cotton and Nylon Net. In 1960 we closed UK office. In 1975 my son Harvinder Arora shifted to USA and get settled there.

     Mr. Rupinder Singh Arora my middle son working in India. I am retired from Business to during 2003. I started writing poetry in 1988 while I was traveling abroad and first poem I written in Brazil there after I wrote in Germany in Colombia, in Japan, in China, Thailand, Dubai and few other Countries too.


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